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Movers Only Labor Service

You bring the truck, we do the labor. Simple and Easy!


Haulin Assets Movers only Labor Service is perfect for the “Do it yourself” individual. Simply rent a truck and we provide the labor. Whether you need an extra set of hands to help you load your truck or rearrange furniture in your home to hire our 6 man team to run a full court basketball game (Joke). no worries. We got your back! The service is also perfect for portable storage loading or unloading.

Add Ons

Furniture Diss/Assembly


Driving Service




Roll of Wrap




Furniture Pads


Gun Safe

$150 /each

Upright/Spinet Piano Fee​

$150 /each

The Haulin Assets Guarantee

Safe & Secure Delivery

Nothing is more important to us than ensuring your things get to you safe and in same condition we found it.

Cost Savings

Take advantage of our youthful strength and our drive to be bet all other moving companies around. it’s a bargain.

Transport Optimization
We are always conscious and vigilant in how we organize and handle your move, you’re safe with us!
Proven experience

Experience speaks for itself, check out our amazing work and read our glowing reviews. You will not be disappointed.


1 Man Crew

This service is perfect for: An extra set of hands on a heavy piece of furniture or a DIY move.


/ 2hr

2 Man Crew

With our two man crew, you will get two movers as requested to help you load/unload.


/ 2hr

3 Man Crew

With our three man crew, you will get triple the power to help you load/unload


/ 2hr

4 Man Crew

With our four man crew, you will have MIGHTY power to help you handle your load/unloading needs.


/ 2hr

5 Man Crew

With our five man crew, you’ll be able to call a few friends a run a full court basketball game after our team helps you load/unload


/ 2hr

6 Man Crew

With our six man crew, you can move whatever your heart desires and then some. Our team can handle it!


/ 2hr


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